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“Sonic branding is how your brand gets recalled or remembered. It’s about to become dramatically more important for every single brand.”

Every brand needs a logo stinger, and every logo stinger needs signature audio that pairs with the aesthetics of the brand. It’s something you remember and associate with that brand. The Netflix Logo Stinger, the Sony playstation 1 Logo Stinger and the logo Stinger at the end of a cartoon’s opening sequence. The first point of contact for a customer and your brand is the best time to hook them with your Sonic Brand Identity.

Regardless of your niche, you will want a consistent Sonic Brand Identity for TV, Radio, Website, Mobile App, Call Centre, Office, even music in your Retail spaces or your sounds for your Physical Products, Sound branding is about giving the brand a unique voice that speaks to humans in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.

Since 95% of our purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious mind, you better believe that purposeful and strategic Sound Branding increases conversions, and that a Sound Logo sticks with your audience

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Creative projects can have tight deadlines, and it is normal for team members to live in multiple time zones, requiring availability for late night meetings and studio sessions if necessary.

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Over 15 years of diverse professional audio experience.

Composition – Audio Production – Foley Art – Sound Design – Post Production – Game Audio – Advertising – Sample Packs – VST Presets – Session Musician – Touring Performer – Film Audio – Educator – Project Management

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Music Composition, Sound Design, Dialogue, and Implementation for a diverse range of genre and aesthetic.

With an extensive library of vst instruments, session musicians, and foley recordings, and decades of experience analyzing and categorizing visual and audio aesthetics.

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