Sound Design

Sci Fi or Fantasy exploring all sound the human imagination can conceive.

First we breakdown the visual components that make up the sound.
Is it a sci fi grenade? Does it have electricity? Mechanical Movements? Does it malfunction? How many stages before the explosion? How many stages after explosion?

With ambience, nearly any scene can be created with a little bit of research and finding the perfect sonic references. Mumbai city streets, amazonian forests or the fabled neo-Tokyo. With ambience, sound is an illusion that puts the viewer under a spell and suspends their disbelief, drawing audiences further into the universe your visual artists have created.

DUSKO as an alias was first public when releasing an over $100k grossing Sci Fi and EDM sound bank for Xfer Records Serum Synthesizer with Warp Academy. 

This Preset Pack contains FX presets where Daniel used one instance of Xfer Records Serum to create entire blaster and space craft sounds, complete with dopplers and “malfunction” automations assigned to the macro knobs, invented from lengthy experiments that led to the use of ‘competing LFOs’ and other techniques that could be triggered on the fly.

Parallel NFT

Eric Lefaure


Why Choose Dusko

Flexible schedule

Creative projects can have tight deadlines, and the world of advertising and corporate audio spans across multiple time zones,

requiring availability for late night meetings and studio sessions if necessary.


Combined, Dan has over 13 years of professional music experience. Starting his career writing, recording and managing a band that collaborated with a plethora of instrumentalists at Douglas College and Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver BC. Followed by intensive music production experience: co creating a $100k+ grossing synthesizer sound bank, project planning and creating educational content, working with and being remixed by globally recognized dance music producers, and creating NFTs with reputable visual artists, one of which just grossed over $11,000 on

One Stop Shop

Often projects need to be published as soon as possible. Making it necessary to write and record nearly everything in house, 0r owning the rights to expensive libraries.

If a project requires session musicians, it’s made sure that the contract gives full commercial rights.

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I offer a small focused set of services to help you get the perfect sound.