“Music is a Universal Language that needs no translation”

- Berthold Auberbac

Whether light instrumentals, or epic cinematic scores; simple and emotive digital ambiences; or Intense and technical electronic music, absolutely nothing is off limits so long as you and I have good references for the composition and sonic palette you are after.

My compositions are in documentaries, short films, and being played by international DJs, but what I really want to do is make music for big brands, movie trailers, and video games because I absolutely adore the challenge of creating emotionally moving compositions that take the audience on a journey.




Artifacts LP

Artifacts remixed

MCycles EP

Why Choose Dusko

Flexible schedule

Creative projects can have tight deadlines, and it is normal for team members to live in multiple time zones,

requiring availability for late night meetings and studio sessions if necessary.


Over 17 years of diverse professional audio experience.

Composition – Foley Art – Sound Design – Post Production – Game Audio – Advertising – Sample Packs – Presets – Session Musician – Touring Performer – Film Audio – Educator – Project Management

One Stop Shop

Often projects need to be published as soon as possible. Making it necessary to write and record nearly everything in house, or purchase licenses for expensive audio libraries.

If a project requires session musicians, it’s made sure that the contract gives full commercial rights.

What my Clients & Collaborators Say

How I Can Help

I offer a small focused set of services to help you get the perfect sound.