“a sound artist's priority is effecting the way audiences feel"

-Dan Cowart



DUSKO is the moniker of British Columbia based, composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist music producer, Daniel Cowart, with over 17 years of professional music career under his belt.

From starting, branding and managing a recording and touring alt-rock band that was put on ice shortly after meetings with Bob Rock (Metallica’s Load and Reload), to co-creating the digital product and marketing campaign for an over $100k grossing Serum Preset Library, Sample Pack and Accompanying Educational Material with Warp Academy 

This preset library and sample pack received 5 star reviews from Stickybuds, Slynk, Phuture Primitive, David Starfire with accompanying educational content shared by Gravitus Create. 

After this Daniel showed off his musical diversity by releasing a 17 track multi-genre LP with UK producer ShamTech, which was then remixed by 20 notable music producers from all over the world, including Ahee, HullabaloO and more.

DUSKO then switched his focus to Audio Visual experiences, leading Daniel into the world of Creative Direction in music and sound design for NFTs, Advertising, Film and Game Audio.

Within a few months of creating NFTs Daniel had an A/V collaboration placed on The SuperRare Start Page for an NFT that sold for $11,163.27 USD


MONOMYTH has been selected as Semi-Finalist in the Lulea International Film Festival in Sweden!

You can check out the festival page here!

And watch MONOMYTH (2022) on Vimeo here!

Rainbow Vision has been selected for the SuperRare start Page!
And has been sold for 3.33 ETH ($11,162.75)

Check out Rainbow Vision on SuperRare here!

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Meaning: The soul, spirit (the spirit or essence of a person that is believed to live on after the persons death)

Ontario born Daniel Cowart, has been said to always have had an obsession with music. Stories of plane trips to and from LA, where 3 year old Dan would put in headphones and rock out to Black Sabbath, and The Doors to the enthusiasm of fellow passengers.
Even drumming on pots and pans and pretending to play a Sesame Street guitar sampler –  while singing musical gibberish to his mother, before he could even talk.

If you asked him he would tell you that he only remembers regularly running around the house and leaping across furniture while singing to an imaginary stadium.



At some point Dan became obsessed with visual design and found himself drawing at a high level at an early age, while looking up to a friend of his older brother’s, who was – and eventually actually married, an incredibly proficient illustrator.

This influence caused Dan to start listening to Nine Inch Nails, KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and anything he could get his hands on, by ripping CD’s to Cassette tapes.

During this time, his father put an acoustic guitar in his hands and taught him the foundation of the blues, and his mother got the family a drum set, so then there was a jam space and a regular group of proficient musicians spending their freetime in Dan’s vicinity, but it was Edge Fest 2002 that really brought Dan back to music.

Sevendust’s pounding metal chops out of huge rigs, Jerry Cantrell’s phenomenal songwriting, and Cake insulting Canada on Canada Day inspiring the audience to throw bottles at them in the thousands until they left the show.

Being at an event of this size completely rejuvenated Daniel’s first artistic obsession, and shortly after a trip down to Southern California had him playing a Vintage Epiphone T Bird in his extremely talented uncle’s home studio.

After flying home with the T-Bird (which he still has to this day) Dan began to sleep at school and play bass all night. He studied Flee’s work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Chancellor’s accompaniment to Tool, and quickly found himself excelling beyond the capabilities of his peers.

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